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Why My Document

We take care of your document storage online
You concentrate on what you do the best

My Document is a tailor-made solution for small enterprises, and private entities, which need to store electronic documents, but would rather concentrate on their core business. This solution takes care of storage needs, security, hardware, backups, retention policies and other aspects of document management workflow, which in most cases requires considerable investments.

While you concentrate on what you do best, we take care of:

| Saving space and expenses, associated with filing cabinets, boxes, space and paper folders | Improving security and control, making your document accessible to authorised people only | Eliminating out-of-file problems, assuring instant access to your documents | Streamlining your records management, assuring compliance with paperwork regulations | Enabling document sharing, providing simultaneous access to your digital assets | Improving office productivity and job satisfaction, keeping your valuable records at fingertips | Providing custom functionality, you know, these special requirements that you might have | Providing telephonic and email support and advise and even supporting solution on-site |

Our capabilities


Protected by encrypted protocols, secure SQL Server storage, firewalls, anti-virus, daily backups and physical monitoring of the server


Accessible using any latest browser, with no need to install any additional software, intuitive browsing without need to do any type of training


Available at your fingertips, no matter if you are at the office, home or on a business trip, information is always at your disposal


Hosted Document Management Solution, which does not require hardware investment, upfront payments and costly admin personnel


Utilized by a number of blue-chip companies in SA and abroad, hosted by one of the best data management service providers in the country

Shared Access

Access and share your documents online using our state-of-art infrastructure, forget about costly hardware and software licensing investments. Store electronic documents in any format. Upload files individually or in bulk. Enable restricted document access to sensitive documents not meant to be shared.


Online Technology

Designed using our Online Framework, enabling quick and easy adaptation for your specific business process and requirement and quick integration with your line of business processes. My Document stores documents within the borders of South Africa.


Instant Deployment

Solution, which provides configurable document classification mechanisms, without need for custom development. Instant setup and Deployment, which requires no internal IT support. Solution which works across any platform with free support & upgrades.


Regulatory Compliance

Comply with document storage regulations, encryption protocols and protection of personal information. Store your documents in a Online environment hosted in South Africa by the premium service provider. Let the specialist be in charge of your Document Management Strategy.



We take care of your document storage online








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